Life after Bridge

And so on the first of May 2008 I began a new life without bridge. My intention was to make myself fully available for the consciousness movement and play whatever role was given me within the larger picture of major change initiated by the winter solstice of 2012. This change is called Ascension and humanity or at least a portion of humanity will be shifting into a higher dimension where life will be very different and much improved from what it is today.
The first year and a half was an education as I learned the lay of the land in order to be an informed participant.
Essentially humanity has three groups of people. A small but powerful group I call the ruling elite who control world affairs. They want things to go on as they are and obstruct Ascension processes in a wide variety of ways. This group controls the major media, except the internet, and keep themselves out of the headlines while controlling world politics and elected leaders. Their ways are unsustainable and are leading to doom and destruction.
The second group is the uninformed masses, the great majority of people. Those in the third world live at the subsistence level, and have little voice as pawns often with corrupt leaders who do the ruling elite’s bidding. Those in the first world live in relative luxury and largely believe the information fed them by the world’s media and advertising campaigns.
The third group is a loosely knit team bringing beautiful and beneficial change to humanity. One name given these people is Lightworkers and they see through the illusion as constructed by the ruling elite and are working to bring truth and healing to humanity and to our planet. I am a member of this small but growing third group, I am a Lightworker.
Once my education was far enough advanced, I began to play a more active role. The center piece of that role is the blog I write called Freedom for Humanity and you can check it out at I began writing the blog near the end of 2009 and intend to continue at least until the end of the current era at the winter solstice (December 21) of 2012. The blog is a wonderful educational tool and continues my education with every entry. I make an entry most days, except on those days when nothing is given me to write. What I write goes into the public forum and is available to anyone who so chooses.
I do a lot of walking as a way of integrating the energies coming to me and to the planet and also meditate regularly and have an active life in cyberspace communicating with a wide variety of like minded people from around the globe.
Writing this article is the first contact I have had with the bridge world since leaving Toronto in May of 2008. I wish all bridge players the very best and much success however that may be defined for them. My choice is to continue to pursue my chosen path as a Lightworker and do whatever is given me in terms of bringing Ascension to humanity and to this planet in the most beneficial and lest disruptive ways possible.
Perhaps when all that is done I will play a few hands of the greatest card game ever invented, but until then, I will do what I came to do.
Freedom for humanity…


About freedom4humanity

Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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