The Round-Up

The facilitating work being done by Katelon and me took on a new aspect recently. Our daily sessions target to support the coming shift into a Light based shared human timeline and Katelon has been opening a new sound key every day since the first of December. Today was sound key number seventy five. It was greyhounds bursting from the starting gates and the metaphorical meaning is that the shift has begun.

Yesterday, we received information that the leaders of the secret government were being rounded up so they cannot interfere or even interact with the Light based team targeting to roll out the long planned shift into a timeline based in Light. The time for negotiations is past, the time for surrender is past. These leaders have refused countless surrender opportunities and have broken many surrender promises. The Light has run out of patience and is now in the process of ousting the secret government against their will. The first step in this process is to round up the top leaders; perhaps a hundred people in total. Each is given three choices; to stay under house arrest and face the music when full disclosure reveals their many crimes, or leave the planet to a cosmic rehabilitation facility, or death by their own hand and they all have this capability built into their hideouts.

Humanity has lots of help in this process so the secret government’s technological advantages over the rest of humanity is not a factor. Light based ETs are part of the round-up team and they have technologies far superior to those possessed by the secret government.

Today, we were asked to help with a guided visualization. What Katelon came up with was a cattle round up and she brought some present life experience to the visualization. The Light were the cowboys on horseback finding the leaders, the cows, and herding them into the waiting corral. No matter what they tried, they were eventually corralled and the gate was closed. Ergo, the title.

Both of us have been feeling the intensity of the round-up. When we asked during the session, we were ‘told’ that each of us is involved and has interacted with the round-up team and with the secret government leaders as necessary; although neither of us has a conscious memory of these interactions.

We were also informed that the scope of the round-up has been expanded to include some of the key lieutenants of the leaders. This was deemed necessary when some of them refused to stand down even after their leaders were captured. It is unclear to me how long the round-up will take or what level of completeness is required before the roll out can commence.

Once the round-up is complete or nearly complete, the next phase of the roll out will commence. That phase is the public announcement that begins full disclosure and includes the Light’s takeover of the world’s financial systems.

More than that I do not know but my intention is to continue to bring forth information as it is given us.

The shift into a Light based shared human timeline has begun. The first step in this shift is to round-up the leaders of the dark’s secret government and that work is well underway.

Coming soon, a full disclosure announcement brought to you by the Light based team rolling out the shift into a shared human timeline based in Light.

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to The Round-Up

  1. Guy says:

    Fantastic. Thanks, to you and Katelon, for all of your efforts!

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