Ending Magic’s Hold

Those of us who are awake and aware understand that a small group of self-interested beings are imposing an artificial timeline on all of humanity. We differ on the details such as who are these beings and how are they pulling off this amazing feat; but fundamentally, we agree. A small group of self-interesting beings are imposing an artificial timeline on all of humanity! Ugh…okay, how do we shift this reality; how do we end this artificial timeline and bring in a timeline based on serving the greater good; a timeline based on serving all of humanity, not just the few at the top and their lackeys.

That has been my koan for the last decade or so as I have targeted to end the current artificial timeline by shifting it into a timeline based in truth and full disclosure. At first, I thought it would happen automatically when humanity ascended at the December solstice of 2012. Then I thought it would happen by the voluntary surrender of those imposing the current timeline. Then I thought that humanity’s secret government could be exposed and defunded through a televised event beginning the new timeline. None of these things came to pass. Only recently, in the last six months, did I learn that magic is currently at the root of the current timeline and is being used by the secret government, and those to whom they report, to keep the current artificial timeline in place.

Magic has never been a part of my experience. Even when I learned to access the energy field of creation in the early 2000s, I did so from my connection with Divinity and strengthened the guidance flowing from that connection. By doing so, I entered into the realm of miracles; still learning nothing about magic.

What is the difference between miracles and magic?

Miracles and magic are related but different. A miracle is using the universe’s unseen creative forces by invoking Divinity. Magic is using these same unseen creative forces without invoking Divinity.

Miracles are connected to the greater good because Divinity is invoked. It has been over a decade since I surrendered to Divinity and one thing has become clear to me…Divinity only supports the greater good and calling upon Divinity is in fact bringing into play forces and balances supporting the greater good.

Magic has no direct connection to the greater good. Magic works in accordance with the same unseen forces that are encoded within the universe; but these forces are directed and controlled by the individuals using the magic. Because of this, we have black magic, e.g. using these forces for dark or self-interested purposes and white magic, using these forces in service of the user’s perception of the greater good.

One might think that the way to combat black magic is to learn and use white magic but that is a fools game. Every day, I work toward replacing the existing timeline supported by magic with a timeline based in serving the greater good and supported by miracles. My partner in this work is a Chicago woman named Brittany. What Brittany and I have learned is that miracles are the antidote to magic. Miracles dissolve magic and where miracles are invoked, magic cannot succeed.

Over the past six weeks or so, we have gone directly after the magic supporting the existing artificial timeline. Earlier this month, by using miracles, the matrix was transformed and is no longer controlled by magic. Over the last couple of weeks, we have continued the initiative of ending the power of magic within humanity’s shared timeline.

At the human level, we have interfaced with a secret society that uses magic and that is heavily intertwined with the human secret government. Working at the etheric level, we went to their top boardroom and informed their leaders that they were out of business. Their options were to transition into the Light or be turned over to those we call the round up team; a Light based resource with access to Light based rehabilitation facilities. We met with their bosses, off-world parasites and gave them the same options. We also met with a creator god who has participated in this control scheme (the current artificial timeline) for thousands of years. Our guidance was to give him his final warning, a step within invoking cosmic law and the miracles which dissolve all magic. The next day we returned to the secret society and to the parasites and gave them their final warning. Obviously, we got that backwards…but live and learn.

This morning Brittany was informed of a technology being used by the parasites to support their magic hold over humanity and enable their parasitic agendas. The technology uses the tetrahedron to create artificial intelligence that has many of the attributes of life but lacks a Light Body, our connection with Divinity. We were informed that we were now supported in terms of ending the manufacture of this technology by shutting down the parasite’s factories that produce this artificial life form. The parasites had already been given their final warning so we were supported in activating Light based resources that shut down all such factories and informed the parasitic owners and operators that they could no longer continue to produce this artificial life form. More work may be given us as it relates to this stream but the important step of shutting down the production of this dangerous and artificial life form is complete.

My information is that such artificial life forms eventually take over the parasitic society that produces it and everything dies; parasites, their victims (e.g. humanity) and the artificial life form. Pockets of this scourge have run their course in various places throughout the universe. The modifications to the Source Codes effectively ends this cycle and the work we are doing is ending this ugly timeline here on Earth. Magic’s hold over humanity has been ended.

A timeline serving the greater good will manifest here on Earth; that much is now assured. How and when is not known to me.

Freedom for humanity…

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9 Responses to Ending Magic’s Hold

  1. Madeleine says:

    Now that’s interesting. I’ve been seeing tesseracts all over the place (a cube squared) but never inquired how they are generated. I shall ask.

    I would love to know how human free will is playing out in the battle for the timeline. I’ve noted that white magic usually takes precedence in manifesting over black magic. But divinely inspired miracles do not always manifest over white magic when the intent is made known. There are millions of people who ask for the universal greater good every day. That has got to be a powerful accumulated intent by now. I’m surprised that it’s taking this long to make progress on the timeline. I wonder how free will plays out in the delay.

    • Thank you Madeleine 🙂

    • Eugene says:

      Greetings Family of Light .
      Thank You All for the Intention and Attention of Stepping into your Sovereignty . I would like to share .
      By merging and choosing to honor our feelings and emotions , learning to realize its ok to feel . Little by little we choose to feel on purpose . Act not re act . Coming to a place where we can observe from neutral , We love the Self , transforming the cut off aspects of the shadow that are kept alive through our suffering , pain of uncomfortable feelings . We reclaim our selves and merge with the mighty I Am presence , Gaia , All life . By choosing this on Gaia , doing this with Her and one another we transform all dimensions , universes . The Christed elementals that make us up make up and hold together mother earth play an important role . We are in this together and its an Inside Job . The salamanders , Undines , Sylphs and Gnomes that comprise the body , physical reality and Gaia are the pathway to Anchor the souls presence into physicality via loving , honoring , respecting the Body . We can say In the mirror saying to Self I love You , Thank You especially when choosing love over fear . To love the body at whatever state it is currently in will expedite the shift .
      To go play , to have fun whilst calling blue light from Alcyon interconnecting with all light Beings , seeing the New Earth unfolding our mind serves our imagination of our hearts desires . The mind was ment to serve our Spirit and Love not eclipse us .
      Choose love .

      Namaste All

  2. Intriguing article. How does free will manifest miracles? I guess the aware (activated) humans will manifest (fill) the void vacated by magic. I guess you and Brittany served the jackals their cease and desist papers. Lol. The Tree of Life (Infinity) you two planted (impregnated) in the Matrix (Gaia) will manifest the miraclized time line. The energy of Gaia was used to manifest the original Matrix. For God and Earth.

  3. Here’s to miracles and the shift! 💎🌈

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