Black Whole

The universe provided me with a movie called Black Whole featuring Nassim Haramein, a physicist and mystic; a rare combination. Unlike many brilliant young physicists, Haramein did not accept the assumption that space is empty; that space without matter is un-informed. Physics has long known that there is energy in space and has used a ‘correcting’ constant to ‘normalize’ these calculations when using these equations in further work. Haramein took this information at face value and began to look at the universe in terms of a substrate of information and energy that permeates all of space.
Science has come to accept that a black hole is at the center of our galaxy and likely at the center of each galaxy. Haramein believes the black hole is the cause of the galaxy and creates the stars and matter that exist within the galaxy rather than being a result of the stars and matter as is believed in mainstream physics. In the physics of a black hole, nothing escapes the immense pull of the gravitational forces of the black hole. Stars and matter and energy such as light are bent back and return to the black hole. Haramein took the calculations of the energy in the space contained within the nucleus of an atom and found that each atom is a black hole; each atom has enough energy within its nucleus to be a closed system from which nothing escapes. Amazing. What happens at the scale of a galaxy is repeated at the scale of an atom, long considered the basic building block of matter.
Let us now turn our attention to geometry, in this case sacred geometry, the geometry of life. The sphere is a basic building block of life. We see it all around us, in the stars, the planets and in the small scale of atoms. The tetrahedron shape is less obviously a form of sacred geometry. In its pure form, a tetrahedron is four equilateral triangles put together. Each tetrahedron can be placed into a sphere so its four points touch but do not break the surface and one point is at the pole of the spinning sphere. This same space can be taken up with twenty smaller tetrahedrons, stacked upon each other with each side a quarter of the length of the side of the large tetrahedron. Another tetrahedron of twenty stacked tetrahedrons can touch the other pole and be superimposed on the first stack of twenty tetrahedrons. They overlap perfectly with the second set of small tetrahedrons filling the gaps left within the first set. The empty spaces around the tips can be filled with twenty four additional tetrahedrons to fill the sphere with a total of sixty four small tetrahedrons some of which touch but do not break the surface of the sphere.
The latticework of these sixty four tetrahedrons bounds a torus which is a stable energy form seen in the building blocks of life. Energy in a torus moves from the center toward each pole, curves back around the surface to the equator and then back to the center. In this way, the intrinsic energy of the space is completely informed and the space informs the sphere. That is how life works. One model in humans has energy from the solar plexus moving up or down a central column within us exiting from the crown and the feet and curving back outside our body, returning at the equator of our solar plexus to describe the movement once more.
The mystic in me was doing cartwheels throughout Haramein’s presentation. It resonated as truth and answered so many metaphysical questions. The intrinsic energy and information contained in all space is a source we can each tap into. Sacred geometry is within us and a part of all life. The torus is a basic energetic building block of the created universe.
All of this adds up to the mystical conclusion that abundance is contained within space. Humanity has chosen to ignore this fact and plunder the earth instead of accessing this free abundance. That is about to shift as we ‘graduate’ from this artificial and constrictive way of existence.
Freedom for humanity…

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3 Responses to Black Whole

  1. jackie says:

    Very well said. I am not a physicist by any means, but I can listen to Mr. Haramein all day long (and I do!) I am not sure “how” I understand what he is saying, but I most certainly do. Like you said, “it resonates”. It resonates so strongly for me, more than anyone in the past. He is so down to earth and brilliant at the same time. I love his willingness to be real and say the things no one wants to say out loud and in public in front of lots of people. But the time has come to let everything out of the box and start having a real experience of the Universe that we occupy. He reminds me of Einstein and of Jesus. What a beautiful man! I am relieved by his leadership!

  2. Sean Dali says:

    ” Unlike many brilliant young physicists, Haramein did not accept the assumption that space is empty”

    Then it’s clear you have neither encountered any physicists, nor actually studied any physics.
    No physicist thinks that the vacuum is empty. Not a single one.

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