Manifesting Rejuvenation

I am beginning to understand why my guidance was to speak my truth with the Facebook group interested in rejuvenation. They ask great questions and I learn much in the dialogue. A recent question is ‘How are you and your team bringing forth rejuvenation?’
How does one do something that has not been done before, at least not by anyone I know, and for which no books have been written. How does someone do something that defies the laws of physics and the norms of this dimension in which we are living?
Quite simple really. One takes the intention of doing that something and broadcasts that intention to the universe. Then one asks for help and guidance from their guides and from Source, fully accepting that doing this something is above and beyond their personal capability so in order for it to happen, a miracle will have to take place. Then one focuses single-mindedly on that something and does what they are guided to do to bring it into their reality, to manifest it and to be present when the miracle beyond their control is manifest for them.
That is my personal approach and I have deliberately avoided chasing after various leads that my small self says might be beneficial. Instead I am relying purely on my guidance and following my guidance each and every step of the way. As an example, I am aware many of the helping ETs know about rejuvenation, especially the Arcturians, and I could go to their websites and see what I could learn, but that is not my guidance. My guidance is to get up each morning and get dressed and do what is given me to do. Let rejuvenation come to me is my guidance; don’t go out there looking for it as that will only serve to chase it away. As a character in Slumdog Millionaire said, ‘It is a shy one’ and my ‘knowing’ is that efforting will only serve to slow the process down.
As for my teammates, I currently have two objectives. One is to empower them, to remind them that we are all equals on this team and encourage them to do whatever they are guided to do in terms of becoming rejuvenated. The second is to create an environment where everyone is sovereign, e.g. where we are all equals and each of us reports only to Divinity. Those who do not yet know they are sovereign are encouraged to think in those terms and all our interactions are based on individual sovereignty and the continuous reminder that we each are connected to Divinity and we each are best served by embracing the Divinity within and honoring each other and the guidance which can only be found within.
Since the spring equinox, information has been coming my way that rejuvenation is currently blocked and cannot come into this dimension until the ruling elite are ousted from power. The ruling elite are heavily invested in duality and are artificially maintaining duality in our shared reality. It is artificial because the collective consciousness of humanity has chosen oneness and the battle for humanity’s shared timeline has already been fought and already been won, with those favoring oneness defeating those favoring duality. The ruling elite have not honored this victory and continue to impose duality upon humanity. Plans are in place to oust the ruling elite and end this artificial imposition. (Mass arrests and disclosure)
When this happens, this dimension will quickly shift into oneness and duality will just as quickly disappear. The blocks to rejuvenation will also disappear and rejuvenation will begin to appear within humanity. I expect our team will be among the pioneers of this process.
Freedom for humanity…


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