As Above; So Below

A friend shared her journey during the dark times when all seemed lost, but she came safely out the other side. I call that kind of thing, the crucible. This is where the raw you is refined by fire and you rise again as a higher version of your Self. I love the crucible and go willingly into the flames knowing the indestructible part of me will see me through and out the other side, with the dross gone and a refined version of mySelf emerging to carry on with that which has true importance. A frequent use of the crucible is to shift and change life’s circumstances and end detours. Life is never the same after the crucible, and that scares most people. For me, that is just part of the deal and my experience has always been that life is changed for the better. I love the crucible. (Did I say that already? LOL)
Meditation has been a form of the crucible for me. In 06 and 07, I spent over sixty days in meditation retreats and completely shifted everything about me. What I thought, what I valued, my level of consciousness, who I let drive the bus of my life…everything was shifted. My outer world shifted a year later in 2008. It took that long, had that kind of gestation period to make what was already my experience ‘as above’ into my earthly experience ‘so below’.

Humanity is going through this same experience as a collective. Over the past several years, the Light within humanity has been winning the spiritual battles in the ‘as above’. We (humanity) have consistently chosen oneness and abundance. This began to occur with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and this pattern was consistently replicated at each and every face off between the forces of duality, led by our ruling elite, and the forces of oneness, a coalition of Lightworkers spread all over the globe and not even aware in most cases of each other’s inputs. Collectively though we consistently won the consciousness battles ever since 1987 and the ‘as above’ for humanity was consistently decided in favor of oneness and in favor of abundance. The Angelics and the supportive ETs provided coordinative functions and a call to spiritual arms but the battles themselves were between competing human consciousnesses.
Prior to the Harmonic Convergence, the duality consciousness of the ruling elite consistently won these battles and the ruling elite was in firm control of humanity’s shared timeline in the ‘as above’ mode. This control and these ‘as above’ victories meant humanity continued down the path of duality, down the path of scarcity, allowing exploitation and control as envisioned by the ruling elite.
Since the Harmonic Convergence, this has all shifted in the ‘as above’. Humanity went through the crucible as a collective and the shift into oneness and abundance has been our shared experience in the ‘as above’ ever since. Every shift has a gestation period, similar to the year it took for my shift to be made manifest in my physical reality. Humanity’s gestation period has been twenty five years. That is how long it has taken for the shift in the ‘as above’ to be made manifest in our physical reality, in our ‘as below’.
The hard part is already done. Humanity has chosen oneness and abundance. That has been done at the level of consciousness, that has been done in the ‘as above’. We will soon experience that shift coming into physical reality. The ruling elite have tried to block this, thrown everything including the kitchen sink into these efforts, but all of that has been futile. You can’t prevent what is already truth in ‘as above’ from being made manifest in ‘as below’. That is cosmic law.

When these manifestations happen, they are quick and decisive and there is no turning back. If they are entered into with joy and welcoming energy, they create little chaos. That is my role in the coming manifestation of oneness for humanity. I hold space for a joyful and welcoming acceptance of the energies of oneness. The homework is already done. With the help of the Argarthans and the supportive ETs, humanity has oneness systems cued up and ready to be substituted for the failing and outdated systems of duality. I am part of the welcoming committee and invite you to join me.
Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to As Above; So Below

  1. shanewinter says:

    Thanks John, I just got an AHA moment.
    When the Harmonic Convergence took place, I was still in school, thus I want to express my gratitude to the older generation of Lightworkers who made this event possible for us current and younger generation of Lightworkers to follow in the footsteps and continue with the work. As above, so below!

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