Light Council Advice

Overseeing humanity’s ascension process is a group of highly evolved beings we call the Light Council. Katelon and I have the ability to communicate with the Light Council and regularly do so during our daily sessions. They are also a key source of inspiration in our efforts to shift humanity’s shared timeline by replacing the current dark timeline, being held in place by humanity’s secret and unelected world government, into a timeline based in Love and in Light. Since being asked to take a more direct role in this timeline shift, we have identified a number of key issues for inclusion in the timeline shift initiating event; a global televised announcement by a team of humans we call the Shift into the Light Team.

Today’s session targeted feedback from the Light Council on each of eight major issues asking two questions. Is it important to be included? Will it support and speed up the roll out process? Here are the eight issues and the Light Council’s advice.

  1. A Light based takeover of the world’s financial systems including wide spread debt forgiveness, ending interest charges on loans and defunding of the secret government including their cronies and dark opportunists. The Light Council’s response – Yes this is important to be included. Yes its inclusion will support and speed up the roll out process.
  2. Fingering the secret government on both sides of the Atlantic (RKM in Europe and the Alliance in the US) plus supporters such as the Chinese dragon family. The Light Council’s advice – Yes and Yes.
  3. Granting amnesty for all of the secret government’s many crimes against humanity. The Light Council’s advice – Yes and Yes. It is important to use Light based methods such as forgiveness and atonement instead of dark methods like justice and punishment. This provides a Light based platform for rolling out Light based reforms.
  4. Full disclosure in all matters. The Light Council’s advice. Yes and Yes. Any deviation from truth is its own form of darkness.
  5. Invite supportive Light based ETs to interact and dialogue with humanity. The Light Council’s advice. Yes and Yes. The decades old cover up of ETs in our airspace must end and humanity can then take up its rightful place among the Light based galactic civilizations. This invitation will also give humanity a window into the ETs advanced abundance technologies and their millions of years of experience in Light based governing systems.
  6. Announce that several major media conglomerates are shifting into the Light, ending the dark’s monopoly and editorial control over all of the world’s major media outlets. The Light Council’s advice. Yes and Yes. Light based media is truth based media which is long overdue.
  7. Announce free energy; the ability to extract unlimited pollution free energy that is encoded in all of space. The Light Council’s advice. Do not include in the initiating event. Free energy will naturally evolve from the other changes and is unnecessary within the shift event.
  8. Lifting humanity out of the current timeline that is killing our planet and enslaving humanity with artificial scarcity. The Light Council’s advice. Yes and Yes. This will be like an anthem beginning the initiating event, celebrating each of its segments and provide a celebratory ending. It is indeed an event to celebrate and will be long remembered by the world wide audience.

The initiating event will take over humanity’s television networks and be broadcast around the world initiating a shared timeline based in Light and beginning a bright and beautiful shared human timeline.

This initiating event is close…very close.

Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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9 Responses to Light Council Advice

  1. katelon says:

    Time for the shift into the light. Let’s get it done!!!

    Thanks for all you do and for writing about the process.

  2. Thanks for the update John.

  3. Robert Allison says:

    Thanks for the confirmation that things are getting very close… there’s so little information to keep us going, but lies, disinformation, speculation and unsubstantiated rumors without credible sources. So looking forward to the end of this very troubling and long running circumstance, and having no way to do anything about it.

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